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Nov 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
outlookkfor election day and when anothhr storr ystem from the soutt pculddarrive in my skywatch foreeast. &p and an elephant that can tal. talk. we'll let yoo be the judge. 3 helll,... i'm jjff baand. barnd. and i'm karen parks. morning in fells point.s - poiit. the victim... was a pomaa... who... was out... or a morning jog. jog. in... felll point...// ..3 as... thh hunt for thee continues. jeff..... broadway... police say tonight.. becauss the attack y happened in a very popuuar joggers. innfells ppint, it's a running thhough the area...a popular path, neer ttames and but on this nnght, there's no ddscussion offcompeting run abbuttthe attack....(ááánats - scary......ááá) olice eyes open.. and beware... a warniig after a sexual assaull. .......investigators say a woman in her 20's.. was jogging in he area before work this morning between 5 and 7....when a man approached her.(keith) "police say the mmn was wearing a mask and armed with a knife. pnvestigators say he pulled thh woman into a dark area, then sexually assaulted her." a friend offthe
Oct 26, 2012 10:00pm EDT
... win the buckeye state this election../ republican... ever became presidentt.. without... ohio. so what will ii cost to get your home ready for hhrricann sandy? &plowe's innparkville, to ssow us the small and large optiins, depending on your budget. 3 hey guys, we are here at lowe's where they are getting ready, but if you need to spend money befor the have some options. big ticket items like generators, this one is 3 &pbe iistalled in the next n't couple days thoughh traditional generators, 700 &pdollars, how about a blower for aboot 100 dollars. but that much. ray reinhardt is some cheaper ways to stay some items here for 5 or 10 batteries. shop vacs... medm size ones are 40 bucks.... tc. battery powered radio, boots. think pemember to get out today, nntt tomoorow when everyoneesttrts realizing how bad it probablyy will be. oo when the weather acttally begins. we're ere in parkville, i'm joel d. smith, ww'll send it back to you. special order forrtooput in - generators... thee're expecting a new shipment to &parrive tommrrow. custooers pre encouraged to check t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2